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Atlantic Pacific provides superior credit card and ACH processing services for all sizes and types of merchants.  We offer secure connectivity for swipe (card present) and online payment gateways for all eCommerce, wireless (mobile) and virtual merchants (card not present).  Atlantic Pacific has been a trusted leader in the merchant processing industry for almost twenty years. Our merchants can expect tier one customer service, dedicated support and innovative products.


Atlantic Pacific has the resources specially tailored for any merchant to implement cost-effective and efficient transaction processing solutions, which are competitive, scalable and tailored around a merchant’s operations to save time and money.


What we offer:

  • Accept All Major Credit Cards (VISA, Master Card, AMEX)
  • Innovative Connectivity For All Business Types (Retails, eCommerce and Mobile)
  • Affordable and Easy-To-Understand Pricing
  • Merchant Reporting / e-Connection Reporting for Better Reconciliation
  • Free 24/7 Customer and Technical Support
  • Expert In-House Risk and Fraud Monitoring to Secure Your Business
  • Next Day Funding for Faster Deposits & Cash Flow Management
  • ACH/e-Check Allows for Convenient Electronic Payments
  • Cash Advance for Working Capital When You Need it Most


Atlantic Pacific customizes payment processing products and services to meet the specific requirements of your business from start up to success, regardless of industry or size.


Helping and educating merchants on Pricing, Connectivity, Compliance, Chargebacks, Surcharging, Reporting or any other questions to facilitate an improved processing experience, is always our number one priority.

Technology Partners

Atlantic-Pacific works with VARs from all verticals by helping them expand their services in a more linear, competitive and productive fashion.

We successfully accomplish this by our ability to integrate, connect and provide an affordable and secure merchant processing platform. Having the capability and resources in creating customized processing solutions for their merchants.

Atlantic-Pacific primarily aims in assisting the VAR to capture a larger market share in its field and being able to provide its merchants with the utmost processing experience.

Referral Partners

Atlantic Pacific collaborates with financial institutions, associations and their members, ISOs/ISAs and eCommerce businesses to deliver innovative processing options.


Atlantic Pacific can also, at no cost or commitment, prepare a detailed Rate Comparison/Analysis report of any merchant’s current provider, which uncovers true current rates/savings.  Our detailed rate analysis also checks if a merchant is on the correct pricing structure based on its type of transactions and if the merchant is set up correctly; in most cases if not, it’s a common cause of unnecessary additional fees and/or delay in funding to a merchant’s depository bank.

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