B 2 B – Business to Business

Enabling credit card payments allows for reduced labor costs and rapid receipt processing.

Give your business the latest competitive advantages by streamlining your accounts payable, introducing card rewards programs, and establishing online statements and direct-pay.

Referred to as “Level II, and Level III” processing, the B2B merchant can enter certain information about a transaction (including PO Number, Part Number, etc), which will qualify the transaction at a reduced Interchange Rate.

Atlantic Pacific Processing specializes in educating and advising Business to Business Merchants to take advantage of discounts not available to other merchants in B2C and Retail processing environments.

Leveraging our experience in Level II and Level III processing, Atlantic Pacific Processing offers a feature-rich processing platform and gateway specifically designed to improve efficiencies in the daily processing of all types Business to Business credit card transactions.

Our B2B processing tools are unmatched in our industry and allow our merchants the ability to:

  • Accept Level 2 and Level 3 card payments from B2B and government customers
  • Achieve affordable and highly competitive direct Bank/ISO processing costs.
  • Integrate payment processing solutions into their current accounting and business management software
  • Access advanced and customizable online reporting and data collection
  • Use virtual Terminal and/or mobile terminals  (including mobile swiping for shows, events, and sales seminars)
  • Leverage payment gateway solutions that allow for card not present transactions, recurring billing, customer history vault, and the most efficient B2B credit card processing available in our industry
  • Protect your customer’s sensitive payment data by using PCI Certified solutions




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Putting The Right Technology Behind Your Creativity


A virtual terminal/gateway allows merchants to process transactions anywhere in the world through any type of device connected to the internet.

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Technology to easily convert your mobile device into a mobile payment solution no matter where your business takes you.

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Atlantic Pacific POS processing solutions are ideal for merchants seeking secure, efficient credit card authorizations at the point of sale.

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A terminal allows you to accept EMV, Stripe or NFC card information easily, securely and rapidly to keep your customers moving through the check-out process.

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