Non-Profit Organizations

Building support for community and cause by increasing donor payment options.

From online membership dues and donations, combined with on-site fundraising and special events, Atlantic Pacific’s integration of eCommerce and mobile virtual terminals allows you to meet your fundraising goals at the source.

Anyone who runs a nonprofit organization knows how important it is to cut costs at every turn. Funds are limited, as are resources. There are many opportunities to save money, but one that many nonprofits don’t consider is reducing their credit card processing costs.


Credit and debit cards are often the preferred method of payment for many people, especially if those cards offer their owners some sort of reward or incentive for doing so. Plus, the automated and recurring nature of card payments can mean lighter administrative workloads, which has a positive effect on any organization’s bottom line.


Also, many of these organizations require flexible solutions that allow them to collect information about donors and sponsors, as well as payment data. This may also include:

  • Selling of merchandise or setting up recurring donations.
  • Maximize donations with electronic payments made with credit cards, debit cards and ACH/eChecks
  • Retain existing donors and reduce marketing costs with automated recurring donation options
  • Increase payment security through PCI-compliant payment processing solutions




Community Services


Associations, Groups & Clubs


Faith-Based Organizations


Disadvantaged Youth Services


Elder Population Support


Animal Shelters

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A virtual terminal/gateway allows merchants to process transactions anywhere in the world through any type of device connected to the internet.

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