Visa and MasterCard offer low credit card processing rates to encourage payment acceptance among utility companies and merchants who provide electricity, natural gas, water or sanitation.


Atlantic Pacific’s utility solution makes it easy to take advantage of money-saving opportunities such as MasterCard’s Utility program, Visa’s Emerging Market program and other incentives from the card associations. With over a decade of hands on experience processing Utility credit card and ACH transactions, Atlantic Pacific understands the demands and specific needs placed upon a merchant’s finance staff.


At Atlantic Pacific, we have the resources, expertise and superior solutions specifically tailored for any Utility Company to implement the most cost-effective and efficient transaction processing programs. These programs are competitive, scalable and tailored around your operations to save you time and money. Our ability to work seamlessly with any depository banking institution and your Utility Company’s software enables us to facilitate dynamic and specialized solutions.


Atlantic Pacific can also, at no charge or obligation, prepare a detailed rate analysis of your current merchant services. Our rate analysis report will show you what your true rates are, verify if you are on the correct pricing structure and if your current merchant account is setup correctly. Often this is not the case where there are unnecessary fees or delays in funding to your bank.







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A virtual terminal/gateway allows merchants to process transactions anywhere in the world through any type of device connected to the internet.

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Technology to easily convert your mobile device into a mobile payment solution no matter where your business takes you.

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Atlantic Pacific POS processing solutions are ideal for merchants seeking secure, efficient credit card authorizations at the point of sale.

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A terminal allows you to accept EMV, Stripe or NFC card information easily, securely and rapidly to keep your customers moving through the check-out process.

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